HELL ALROD becomes the best salesman at the age of 20 and drives his dream car got a house becomes wealthy everything was in his favor, after completing his speech one day he was returning to his home then suddenly got struck by a car, which literally makes I’m hit hard.

This accident caused him to lose his power of locomotion because of his spinal cord damage then doctors gave him answers that he will not walk anymore in his life.

But as already has learned one thing from has a business mentor he survived that injury surprising in a very short period of time.

So that one thing that has helped him to survive that serious condition was actually a technic to reduce the stress and restart living

So in this technique admire any stress and  tension for 5 min literally if you have  any kind of stress or tension do its good to be sad and worried about that  and just for five minutes s just cry be sad be stressed but after the 5 min stop everything and work upon that how you you could solve that problem find that different ways to sort out the problem you have in your life, you need to practice this because when you do this you definitely behaves like a smart person because procrastinating for something that you can’t change because it has already occurred is nothing but a stupidity so its better to move on with positivity.

Similarly, alrod does and did a decision that he will accept the worst-case like as doctors said to him that he will not be able to ever so he assumed he might not able to walk long life but he will be that happiest person or he will prove his doctors wrong then after a few months already start walking which was miracle by science, then after being recovered from his injuries his life get back on track again

But in 2008 economy crash his company loses it’s all worth and his business had sudden sediment in growth and he lost his own business and got on the stage of insolvency.

So again got struck streets of being poor then his wife suggested him to meet his one of very rich recovered take some good advice or business tips which could consider for his business but his friend died to give him business tips instead of them he suggested him morning rituals he asked why he suggested morning rituals in spite of tips then he replied that morning rituals are like if you win morning you will win your whole day them again ALROD asked that what is that morning ritual then his friend told him that you need to only two those two things are you need to have a morning walk or exercise every morning and must-read on self-improvement

After spitting their suggestion also ignores his friend’s suggestions and moved by considering these tips to be nothing but trash.

But he thought let’s give these tips a try so after applying those tips he goes to know that they are actually working

Then he decides that he need to find out what are the other things that we can choose to do make our morning more effective and which can help us in making our whole day productive

After doing lots of research he got to know some of the best activities that

t anyone can do to make the morning power-packed and he just finds out those secrets and forms an acronym

And that is “S A V E R S “.

S silence means being silent for few minutes and just cut down firm everything like phone mails etc that could disturb you or notify  or update you just cut down from them for few minutes that will relax your mind and incrwas3 focusing power

An affirmation is really powerful technic that most of the CEO use for I cursing their productivity and  in this twinning you have recipe at a more powering statement to yourself like ” I am the most confident person” that will set up in your subconscious mind by repeating that powering statement that would you to be looks like a kids plaything but believe me its the most effective technique

V visualization concerto research in this technique is visualization by before starting yours intend work you have to visualize that in your mind like you have decided that you will start going morning walk every day them fir t by waking in every morning to visualize it in your mind to make possible for you to complete that task.

Everyone must do exercise so that you could increase your focus

According to research by doing just 1 minute of jumping jacks can make your body active for 12 hrs so like twice by every morning exercise can increase your work efficiency and realize more endorphin e which I crease focus.

R reading every morning can increase your patience level in completing any tasks and buying reading self-help books ultimately leads you to the untouched bowl that you need and also important for you.

S scribing screening is writing every morning which by applying this technique you could make your mind relax as you write your ideas and innovative thoughts in books and free your mind for fresh ideas you goals and dreams.

And ultimately writing your dreams helps you to convert them into reality.

Most of the millionaires always say that if you applying this of your own then do maintain a notebook to write down all your ideas every day and dreams your goals that help them also or maintain a daily journal to keep your self motivated about your aims and targets.

Always keep with your self a book and a pen and keep it updated daily with you new ideas thoughts and knowledge.

Even I myself personal also maintain a notebook for my self and keep it updated with my thoughts and ideas are. And all the goals which I want to act in my life.

So make it a habit and write every day just for a few minutes believe me its better than a phone

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