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so with the greetings of positivity, I would like to start the blog, hello there today I am here to spread the rain of motivation and dedication and on all of because today we are talking about India’s first and the most recognized blogger and YouTubers Nikhil Sharma, has a YouTube channel named as “A Mumbiker Nikhil” he is not only a vlogger he’s also an influencer a businessman owns a clothing brand called ‘LABEL MN’ within the partnership of his friend SHOBHIT SHARMA.
So what is that which could make all of us for listening to him and what are those qualities that he had in his personality which we supposed to adapt in our personality and which could make a difference in our life?

To know more about all that hustle that he had gone through in his life’s journey keep stick your eyes to blog.
One of a Mumbaiker Nikhil’s most important statement is “the only thing which I had as a complete source of motivation is my camera”, whenever he used to feel like quitting YouTube and all the commitments he has, he just looks at the camera and feels like camera is saying and forcing him to just push off and hit the bullseye either now or never” else stop being committed always.

Likewise, another thing which motivates him in sustaining his motivation period, because of his own discipline for which is used to give credit to his parent as well his past job.
Meanwhile, his Qatar Airways cabin crew job days he had learned a lot of things with being committed and discipline.

On putting the answer about his commitment trait Nikhil highlight his dad’s role, especially because he said “My father passed away in 2013 and we never had that much good relationship like most of the youngsters, but one thing I have learned from my father is that he was very straight forward and kind of one-liner person, like usually is used to always putting taunts upon me like (if he has the potential he will do else he will fail) ” which drives Nikhil to do as much as he can and pushing limits so that he can prove his dad wrong there the habit of commitment came in his life and ultimately socketed in his life.

Then he just on being questioned about his bedtime he revealed that he never overthink on his bed but just take tale deep naps so that he can relax and accomplish next days tasks and hustle with full energy, but sometimes it becomes so tensed that even he had to plan and strategies all the things on his bed before having a nap, he workouts the thingsthat how thing s going to execute the next day and everything must be you know well arranged and must be on time so that he can have a good sleep next night.
He says “evolution is really important for mankind and talking about as a guy or girl evolve over the period of time like from his or her 20s to 30s there is a lot of maturities is an upgrade in the mind and mentality changes so everyone has to be anticipatory in nature wise”.
You have to be futuristic
Career growth according to him is also a subject to competition risk and everyone had to have a strategic plan, he says ” if this will fail u will do this if this will not work I will change to that, so like this, you have to have maths of your life unless you want something extraordinary from your life.
And everyone should be goal oriented you have to have goal-oriented thinking in this current era of competition.
Attitude is also a game changer when it comes to success because you have to have a preplanned strategy in your head with a positive attitude about all your doing in your life, its just like you wear good clothes but your carry a good physique, likewise you must have to carry an attitude and at the same time have to be serious about your future goal strategy.
Similarly with exponential growth can bring ego to be lifted up and a well-nurtured ego can break down anyone out in any field of career he says ” I got to know that very soon that boss this is going really wrong and this is something that I have to work out and have to very care full about, by diminishing that bullying it I have to focus on nurture g a good ‘PR’ (public relationship) because it is really important to have a good or in any industry for better career growth”.
One career advice from his side that he has given for all of is ” people used say like I m not going to do any job but wait please think once again because in any job you would learn about deadlines the professionalism commitments that you have with your boss and ultimately it grows your skills secretly even you don’t even that you have to evolve with that job in terms of skills in terms of your mentality and your or your communication , so everyone must have and experience of job for at least 3 to 5 years after that If you want to turn down you can do what you what’s to do you can you pursue your career.
And in the end, I would love to hear your thoughts, so please do share your experience in comments.

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